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Faith Matters

…I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. Philippians 4:11 ESV

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is now behind us, and the excitement of a new year lies ahead. Most people have enjoyed the company of friends and family, as well as exchanged gifts. There has been laughter and tears along with feelings of wanting it to last just a little longer.

Time marches on, the festivities cannot last forever. The new year will bring new challenges, some will be good while others could change our lives forever. Whatever may happen in the coming days, contentment can be found in Jesus Christ.

On the road to Damascus, Paul began a journey filled with all types of situations, some of joy and happiness, while others would threaten his very existence. All of these places led Paul to say that he was determined to know nothing except Christ crucified. Jesus satisfied him so much that he never looked outside of Christ for the rest of his life.

The text tells the reader that contentment had to be learned. It is not a natural trait of man to be satisfied when things in life are going wrong. While it is not natural, it is possible to live a life satisfied with the provisions God has given. The carnal mind is always looking for more, while the spiritual man can find rest in Christ alone.

To learn there must be a lesson. Paul's lesson is one of simplicity, be happy (content) with what you have no matter what. Through prison, persecution, shipwreck, or whatever it may be in your life, be happy in Jesus.

Scripture teaches this lesson as far back as the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had access to every tree in the garden, yet Eve was made to believe she needed more. She felt as if she had to have the one thing God said she couldn’t have. It was discontentment and it is still found in believers everywhere.

What you have in your life today has been provided by the hand of the Creator. He has promised to make provision for those who believe and put their trust in him. With that promise He will make sure his children have enough. Others may have more, but believers have Christ, and He is enough.

In His Service,

Pastor Richie


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