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We Are

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We are a Southern Baptist Church located in Iron Station, NC. Founded in 1905, we are dedicated to following and serving the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We are a body of ordinary people who trust and rest in the extraordinary grace of God. Our aim is to encourage and build one another up to a life of love and good works as we gather for worship each week.

Our Sunday Morning service is shaped by uplifting traditional hymns, expository preaching, and relevant teaching.

When We meet

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday School - 9:30 AM

Worship Service - 10:30 AM

Children's Church - 10:30 AM


Sunday Evenings

Worship - 6:00 PM​​

Wednesday Evenings

Prayer Meeting/Bible Study - 7:00 PM

What We Believe

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Our church is rooted in this Baptistic tradition and faith: Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, and the Glory of God Alone.

Statement of Faith

We are a Southern Baptist Church and as a cooperating church, we have adopted the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our statement of faith.

Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Our doctrines and distinctives are not original to us; our Baptist forefathers viewed themselves as the logical outcome to the Reformation principle of sola Scriptura[1] (the idea that the Bible alone is the sole authority for faith and practice).


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