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On November 16, 1905, Faith Baptist Church was organized with sixteen charter members.  Rev. J. M. Ballard was the first pastor.


A meeting was held at Piney Grove School in Machpelah Community with deacons from Kids Chapel and Sharon forming a presbytery. Twelve members from Kids Chapel, two from Sharon, and two from Mt. Zion were the first sixteen members. One of the members, A. N. Jones, donated two acres of land for the first building.


The church was first named Graham Baptist Church in honor of Major W. A. Graham, moderator of the South Fork Baptist Association.


On December 24, 1905, in the conference, the name was changed to Faith Baptist Church. They were to meet in a vacant house until a church building could be built. The first building Faith Baptist Church erected was a frame building.


  • The frame building was replaced in 1950 by a brick structure. Sunday School rooms were added in 1959. This now serves as our Educational Building.


  • In 1964, the church bought the Murphy house and land which was used for the pastorium.


  • In 1972 the church built a new auditorium with a fellowship hall in the basement. On April 13, 1975, we dedicated our new church building, along with the education building which was remodeled in 1974.


  • In 1985, the Educational Building was remodeled again and an over-walk to the church was added. On March 22, 1992, the church held a dedication service of new pews and carpet in the sanctuary.


  • On October 11, 1992, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for our new parsonage and a dedication service was held on September 5, 1993.


  • In November 1994, the church purchased an additional 7.24 acres of adjoining land behind the church.


  • The church built a new Fellowship Hall on the back property, with a dedication service that was held on October 25, 1998.


  •  In April of 1999, the church expanded and paved its parking area and enlarged the softball field area.

  • In 2003, a storage building was added adjacent to the existing fellowship hall. In 2004, more work was done on the ball field, adding fencing, backstops, and completing it for better use.


  • In March of 2004, the church ordered a new bus for church groups’ use. This bus was delivered in June 2004.

Eight men have gone into the ministry from the church:

H. B. Jones, Cecil Ballard, John D. Helton, Jackie Calloway, Ben Helton, Jeff Harris, Charles Barrier, and Dan Farnsworth.


Pastors who have served Faith Baptist Church are as follows:

Rev. Richie Honeycutt (Current Pastor)

Rev. J. M. Ballard

Rev. L. A. Bangle

Rev. C. F. Hudson

Rev. J. A. Hoyle

Rev. G. C. Ivey

Rev. W. B. McClure  

Rev. R. L. Smith

Rev. A. E. Teague

Rev. H. B. Laughridge

Rev. W. E. Bost

Rev. H. B. Jones

Rev. T. H. Roach

Rev. Gwen Blackburn

Rev. Clyde Reep

Rev. L. F. Helderman

Rev. Howard Laney

Rev. Charles H. Ingle

Rev. Bruce Mathis

Rev. Robert Helton

Rev. E. W. Friday

Rev. Charles H. Ingle

Rev. Clay Groves

Rev. J. Stuart Johnson

Rev. David Walker, Jr

Rev. D. Michael Scott, Jr.

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