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Faith Matters

Psalm 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times.


What beautiful and encouraging words from the psalmist David to the Chief musician. These words are also here for the believers in Christ to look to for comfort and rest. As the Psalm opens, David expresses disdain concerning the lack of godly men. While David was a warrior and faced the enemy with great courage, he also knew the feeling of being alone. This is the kind of battle that many Christians experience today. Verses one and two speak specifically of gossip, backbiting and deceptive talkers. Instead of seeing the godly christian who displayed the qualities and characteristics of God, David saw idle chatters and two faced liars. He found no one who would defend him.

As this Psalm continues, there comes a prayer from David for judgment against this type of individual. For the average follower of Christ, this feeling is common. The state of the church today is similar to the situation of David. Believers should find comfort and support for the hard times of life in their local assembly. Instead, they are met with the same type of negative behavior David faced.

While these talkers felt as if they could not be stopped, David could rest knowing that no one could stop the God of Heaven. Verse five describes Jehovah arising in defense of the poor and needy. He comes to the aid of those who cannot defend themselves. God promises safety for David and for any one who finds themselves in David’s position.

This precious promise of God is emphasized in our text today. It brings assurance to the reader that the words of God are pure. This word indicates cleanliness or without contamination. What God says can be trusted as being the absolute truth. This means He can be trusted in every sense. His word is good, pure and has been tested thoroughly. Like the silver, the promises of God have value to His followers. While this verse does not directly reference our Bibles, we can certainly make an application that we can trust the Word and all the promises it gives.

In His word, the believer can find assurance that when others fail to stand with us, He will never fail.

In His service,

Pastor Richie Honeycutt


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