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Faith Matters

He who finds a wife finds a good thing

and obtains favor from the LORD Proverbs 18:22


Today I choose to be a bit personal. At the time of this short blog it is my thirty-first wedding anniversary. I normally long to write about scripture and a simple thought to be encouraging for those who may read. In some ways that is still my goal for today. On the other side I wish to express my thankfulness for my wife and the time God has allowed us to be together.

First, the text. A simple thought from a wise man that should remind married men that we have surely been blessed. I, like many men, often take for granted this simple pleasure that God placed in my life. I need reminding that my Heavenly Father said it is not good for man to be alone. With that thought in mind He created a woman and gave to Adam the mate that was needed to complete him as well as help him carry out His purpose for creation.

Eve was more than someone to clean the house and cook for her man. She was there to fill a void in Adam’s life that only she could fill. The woman was made differently than anything else in creation. She was made from Adam for Adam. God took special care in making her just for the man that He had perfectly created. Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. Eve was the perfect fit for all that he needed. She would be his encouragement, companion, strength, joy and so, so much more. It is well known how this woman was beguiled and sinned: proving that she needed him as well. Many in our culture today fail to see all that a proper, biblical marriage provides for both the man and woman. It is very important to preach and teach the doctrine of biblical marriage in local churches today.

Bev and I made vows to one another on a Saturday afternoon as two very young kids. There was no way we could have known all that was in store for us. Immature, excited, scared, hopeful are all words to describe the emotions of that day. Since then I would use words like sad, happy, disappointed, encouraged, up, down, angry, and joyful. I think you can understand what I am trying to say. Life is unpredictable and brings many different seasons. Through all of the emotions, trials, heartaches, joy, happiness, and excitement, there has been unwavering love and support from my wife. It seems that God took her from me for me. To try to express my love and thankfulness seems impossible to me at this moment . The one thing I am sure of is this; there will never be another “Bev” (woman) that completes the plan God had for me. She is perfect. She is enough.

I will say thank you to all who read for allowing me to express some personal feelings today and I pray you all have the wonderful marriages that I experience daily.

In His service,

Pastor Richie Honeycutt


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